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Raise the Roof For Dana

The family of Dana Grabiner has generously offered to match the next $5,000 in donations to Buffalo Gap Arts and Culture.

Dana Grabiner, December 3, 1957 - November 6, 2019

Dana was a warm and beautiful woman and a fantastic musician, mother and partner. Dana lived life to its fullest by dancing, singing, loving, and laughing with all her heart. Dana is greatly missed by those who knew and loved her spirit. In honor of Dana’s memory and her love of Buffalo Gap and what it represented to her and to her family, Dana’s family has offered to match the next $5,000 in donations to Buffalo Gap Arts and Culture, whose mission is to promote, present and preserve traditional arts, music, and dance. Buffalo Gap Arts and Culture will utilize the generous family donation and matching funds raised to repair the roof of Swisher Hall.

To donate online click here; Swisher Hall requires much needed repair. The best way to start is at the top to Raise the Roof for Dana!

Buffalo Gap Arts and Culture’s goal is to raise $100,000 for repairs and renovations to Swisher Hall with the goal to present future programming. You can show your support with a donation now, which will be matched. Please take a moment to donate today and consider becoming a sustaining donor. Make a difference every month - Every donation makes a difference.

Checks will be accepted. If you wish to send a check, please address to: Buffalo Gap Arts & Culture C/O 611 West Lynfield Drive Rockville, Md. 20850

For more information visit us online at Email; By phone at 240-506-2263

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